Electric Car Charging Points

EV Charging Solutions are specialist installers of car charging stations, working nationwide.

Whether you’re an architect or developer, business owner or fleet manager, we can help you meet environmental targets, find the most cost-effective solutions and sometimes even generate a second income stream. We’re also a government-approved installer of subsidised home car charging stations under the current grant. Find out more here.

electric car charging point

EV Charging Solutions

We are proud to be the country’s leading consultant and installer of electric car charging stations, helping developers, businesses and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, greener driving.

EV Charging Solutions have been involved in the electrical contracting and motoring industry since 1998. We now purely focus on the installation EV charging stations, making us highly specialist and competent. This enables us to have a greater understanding of the requirements of individual businesses and enables us to provide comprehensive guidance and advice. We are able to undertake large scale projects and project-manage these through to completion. Our services are now regarded as the largest and most extensive of their kind in our region. We continue to grow via our reputation for great service and specialise in difficult installations.

Our company has progressed from single home car charging stations to more complex large installations at hospitals and large businesses. Huge emphasis has been placed on customer service with the belief that the small things really do matter. This has been the mantra of EV Charging Solutions throughout our massive growth. May 2016 saw us open our London office in Canary Wharf to accommodate the growth in demand for charging infrastructure from developers and construction companies. This office focuses on commercial based projects within the city and surrounding areas.

We install hundreds of electric car charging points to homeowners every month. As specialist installers we offer domestic, commercial and work-based solutions, through to more complex installations that may require groundworks, civil works or long cable runs that other companies are unable to assist with. We offer the most competitive price for home charging station installations nationally. Please contact us for information about any of our services.

Future-proof your development

With electric vehicle charging facilities for residents and businesses

Meet environmental targets

Get independent advice on the most cost-effective charging systems

Cut employee car tax

Take advantage of low benefit in kind (BIK) tax on electric vehicles

Plug in to the future of driving

Switch to electric and discover a cheaper, greener way to get around